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Electa - Red Star Point


poetry by Colleen Ann Myrhol

Electa your love for God above
Taught us the meaning of love.

Always standing by your true belief
granted you everlasting peace.

Electa Lady
Graceful and determined to not be swayed
Your earthly life you gladly gave

Your true beliefs you would not disclaim
A true hero to all who knew your name

Remember the beauty of the rose,
not the petals that blew away.

Recall days of sunshine passed,
not the rain that came today.

Once you have been touched by love,
let it dwell forever in your heart.

Treasure every happy moment,
never allowing sweet memories to depart.

This star point represented by Electa imbues the inherent characteristics of munificent, courage and steadfastness. The rose represents the color red and its emblem depicted is the Cup. The hospitality, devotion, passion and sacrifice were actions that Electa displayed, while enduring the afflictions that were set upon her.

The Biblical Story of Electa (The Lady)

"Electa" is the name adopted to represent the devout mother referred to in the Second Epistle of John and to whom that Epistle is addressed. She was a lady of high renown in the Land of Judea. "Electa" with her husband and all her household professed before the world firm faith in the teachings of Jesus. The legendary story of her life as portrayed in the Order of the Eastern Star, exemplifies hospitality, devotion to charity, fortitude under religious persecution and martyrdom in defense of her faith.

The emperor of Rome issued an edict requiring the followers of Jesus to renounce their faith under penalty of death. "Electa" was visited by a band of Roman soldiers whose chief officer proposed the test of casting the cross upon the ground and putting the foot upon it, whereupon he would report her recantation and she would be saved from a painful death. Clasping the cross to her breast, she refused to submit to the test and with her family was cast into a dungeon and kept there one year. Then a Roman judge who was desirous of befriending her, offered her another opportunity to renounce her faith, promising that if she would do so, she would be protected. Again she refused and, with her family and thousands of others, "Electa" was put to death. Before expiring she prayed; "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" thus exemplifying the injunction, "Love one another."

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