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Queen Esther - White Star Point

Queen Esther

poetry by Colleen Ann Myrhol

Queen Esther
Born of humble beginnings she became a woman of great strength and power.
It is said our noble Esther was as radiant as a blossoming sun kissed flower.

The King searched Persia looking for a bride visiting each city and every town.
When Ahasuerus saw Esther he fell in love with her beauty and bestowed her with a royal crown.

Esther soon became the Kings confidant his love for her growing with the passing years.
But when she entered the royal courtyard unannounced, she had to face her greatest fears.

She knew not if the King would extend his scepter and pardon her of her horrid crime.
But she had to save her people and there was so little time.

Her cousin Mordecai loved her, he raised the orphaned Esther as his own.
But no one knew his adopted daughter was sitting on the royal throne.

Mordecai learned of an evil scheme and warned Esther of Haman's plot. And in the end, the wicked Haman became the victim of his own sinister lot.

To this day the Jewish people Celebrate Purim in her honor of Esther's courageous feat.
And Hamantashen, Haman's hat shaped cookies are a special Purim treat.

Noble Esther
Brave and pure of heart
A noble lady with a broken heart

Heroically she faced her fear
Knowing disaster could be near

Hoping to keep hundreds from harm
Queen Esther cased a sudden alarm

Her sincerity convinced the King
To stop the horror fate could bring

Those saved could be related to you
Noble Queen Esther is a heroine true

The Lilly grows with each passing sun
Reaching up toward God each day

What better message of love
Could Heavens Gates display

This star point represented by Esther imbues the inherent characteristics of integrity, bravery and fealty. The lily represents the color white. It is a symbol of purity and indicates to us that we should be motivated by pure and exalted principals. The image of the crown and scepter united together is its emblem that implicates royalty and power.

The Biblical Story of Esther

In the Book of Esther, we learn that Ahasuerus, King of Persia, caused search to be made throughout his kingdom for the most beautiful woman to be his wife and Esther, a Jewish maiden, was selected. "She obtained grace and favor in his sight" and "he set the royal crown upon her head and made her queen." In time, she became his confidant and her knowledge of government affairs enabled her in a time of peril to save her people from destruction. The King had often admitted his indebtedness to her, and had pledged his royal word to grant her any request she might make.

The enemies of the Jews, who were numerous and powerful, had brought false accusations before the King, and had persuaded him to promulgate an edict that, upon a certain day, the entire race throughout Persia should be destroyed. Queen Esther, learning of this cruel edict, resolved to save her people or perish with them. She attired herself in her "royal apparel," "summoned her maidens" and went in state to the palace of the King.

It was the day of Grand Council; a gathering of the governors, princes and officers of Persia. In the antechambers of the palace, the royal guards thronged. It was a law that none should enter the King's presence without summons, under penalty of death, unless the King's golden scepter should be extended as a sign of royal pardon. As the Queen passed, the guards warned her of her danger, but she entered the Great Council Chamber.

It was the crisis of her life, and the wise woman realized it. She at once reminded the King of his former pledges by a sign (It is not known what sign she gave.) understood between them, and the King held out to Esther the golden scepter. Esther touched the top of the scepter. Then said the King unto her. "What wilt thou, Queen Esther, and what is thy request? It shall be given thee even to the half of the kingdom." The sacred narrative informs us that Esther pursued the advantage she had gained, achieved a complete success and saved her people, who to this day hold an annual festival in her honor.

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